20 years of Mac OSX

Twenty years ago the first official release of Mac OSX became available: News article. I still remember my own personal switch to OSX. Till then I was still using Windows for day to day computing and Linux and Solaris for tinkering. OSX brought the best of those two worlds together for me, easy day to day computing with usable software in a nice GUI and all the Unix I could handle.

Goodbye DIYMacServer

It was inevitable, the domain and blog that is hosted weren’t used or updated since 2013. It was only there as a statue or remembrance of all the work and effort thrown in by myself an others who helped. Every year when I got an email from my domain registrar to fully use it made me reach out to Brian Stucky of Macminicolo.net. He was a supporter of the site and for a long time he hosted one of my Mac Mini’s in his datacenter.


In 2007 after switch.richard5.net became successful I started this dedicated site for my documentation set and tips & tricks on how to install a fully functioning mail and webserver on your Mac. By this time I had 3 Mac mini’s, one in a datacenter at Macminicolo.net and two at home with different versions of Mac OSX for development and support. When the move from PPC to intel happened I bought another Mac mini and sold the oldest.


I’ve started the blog at switch.richard5.net in 2005 to document my experiences as a switcher from a combination of Windows and Linux to Mac OS X. I had bought one of the first Mac mini’s when OSX was released which promised the usability of Windows and the robustness of a Unix core. Fortunately the switching was quite easy and painless when it concerned applications on the desktop. OS X was far more intuitive then any other OS I’ve ever encountered.