Setting up a new mailserver with MIAB

Just finished setting up a new mailserver using Mail-in-a-box and moved one of my existing domains over to it. After testing it at home on a VM I discovered it was extremely simple compared to doing it all yourself as I’ve done untill now. Moving away from my Mac mini to a VPS first meant setting it up and configuring it all by hand. Mail-in-a-box takes all that away, it just ask for your email adres for a login and thats it. It configures everything itself. The only thing that you’ll have to do is to point the nameservers for your domain to your new box at your registrar. Mail-in-a-box takes care of setting up all the DNS records, security, SSL certificates, mail configuration, etc…

I’ts almost as simple as getting a gmail account but more secure and private, no snooping for ads or reading of your email by third parties! Support is also excellent by other users and developers. The few questions I had where answered within several hours.

I’ll let it run for a few weeks before moving all other domains over to this new server. Just want to make sure it’s stable without any hickups.