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Next evolution of site

It was time to take a fresh look at this blog, the template I used had too many connections to third party components that were capable of tracking you and me. I didn’t like it so I switched to a cleaner setup, edited all the third party content out of it. Hosting the fonts locally and this is the current result, but still not 100% happy with the looks so there might be some tweaks coming along.

First encounter with Hugo

I’ve been looking at developing a static website for quite some time, always been held back by the still complicated setup that was required on the writing and generating end of the website. This was untill recently when I bumped into Hugo. The only thing required here was a golang binary and a directory structure. After some playing around with it and finding the ease of use with which you could use templates I wa sold as you can see from this website which curently is completely static and generated by Hugo.