Hi, I’m Richard Valk. This is my personal place on the web, where you can find out more about me, my projects, interests and other stuff. Here I’ll post links to interesting stuff I found on the internet, things I’ve been thinking on and personal stuff I’ve been working on. Some of it might be work related but the primary goal is personal. For my professional bio click on the LinkedIn icon below.

As you might have guessed from the photo’s above, I live in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. This is the city I love and hope to live for a long time.

My internet history

My first internet projects were done in the time of dial-up modems where one could host some static pages at ones ISP.

The first succesfull one was R5TV, a website for looking up the schedules for local TV stations to be synced to your Palm device using an application called AvantGo. It got the data by scraping the data of official sites and presenting it in a format usable on a Palm device and AvantGo helped in enabling off-line browsing. Because in those days internet via the GSM network was still in it infancy and very expensive. Many people where still using dial-up modems, ADSL was just coming available. This was in the early 2000’s. I stopped running the service in 2002 and donated the code to Palmclub an enthousiast club of Palm owners. The site is still running on https://www.palmclub.nl/tvgids/ but there is no more data being scraped.

Then a long time nothing public happened. But I was playing a lot with a couple of spare Sun Ultra 5 machines which I got from work (they were written of but still very functional) which I got connected to the internet using my ADSL connection. I got a webserver, using Apache, and a mailserver, using Postfix and an IMAP server running on them. A break down of my installation which I hadn’t documented and falling in love with Mac OSX moved me to the next project:switch.richard5.net and after the initial succes moved from a subdomain to it’s full own domain on diymacserver.com which are both still available as archive.

My next project tdlst, a todo list went nowhere. Might still revive it later…

My current project is bkmrkd.it. It’s a simple bookmakr manager mostly created because it solves a personal itch and because I can. It’s working on a local instance and I’m using it. Next steps include a proces for bringing it into a online VPS in an automated fashion so I can update it when needed without too much work. Sort of continues deployment… Read more about it in my blog where I every now and then post an update.