We’ll I’ve succeeded in getting a functional box up and running for my Laravel project. First tested it on a local VM using virtualbox, Vagrant and a bunch of shell scripts which I compiled from a lot of other similar efforts found on the internet. It stil lrequired a lot of trial and effort to get it where it is now. A functioning box which will run my project. It will deploy the code from a git repository and will use a previous database backup to initiate the database. No database migrations for me at the moment.

Next step was to get it running on DigitalOcean (referral link), I used the DigitalOcean Vagrant provider which you can find on GitHub. Just follow the instructions and the next time you call “vagrant up” it’s running on a VPS at DigitalOcean.

I’ve still got several things to figure out:

  • How to seperate configuration from scripts.
  • Getting Certbot included in the build proces and automate renewal.
  • How to do an upgrade without destroying the previous build.

So, still some tinkering to do…