Simon Sinek; How great leaders inspire action

This is one of those TED talks I regularly watch to get inspired. Simon Sinek goes looking for why some fail where others succeed. The answer is: Why? The difference in people failing or succeeding is in the answer to the question: why do they do it..

If I look around myself in the workplace this has become one of the questions I’m asking myself. Why is this person here, what drives him. Is it just work for him or is he inspired to create or improve something. Is he moved by personal gain or he is out to create something beautiful.

If you’ve watched the video and seen the golden circle with the why, how and what. Most people will tell you what they do and how they do it. A few will tell you why, keep your eye on them…

If I interview people for a job this is always one of the questions I ask. Why? What drives someone to join a company and do the things they will have to do.